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Managing a plane can be a complicated endeavor so it’s always best to have a professional management company looking after the asset in order to avoid many of the costly pitfalls and hassles associated with aircraft ownership.

Professional management companies will:

  • Recruit, screen, hire and train flight crews
  • Insure all maintenance and inspections are kept up to date and completed on time and on budget
  • Negotiate fuel contracts to insure effective cost management
  • Dispatch flights
  • Generate revenue to offset ownership costs through charter sales

Chief Executive Air acts as a Buyers representative and through our proven method, we can help you determine which aircraft make and model is best suited to your needs based on your budget, typical mission profile and intended utilization.

Once we determine what kind of plane you want, we complete an in-depth search to find the single aircraft that represents the best value in the market place, we help you negotiate the purchase terms, we oversee the pre-purchase inspection and we take you straight through to closing.

With Chief Executive Air, you will feel confident abut your acquisition based on a well-informed decision.